E-document flow system

This reliable and failure-free solution contains the complete toolkit for document flow and records management.


Accounting module for players of securities market

It has been developed for organizing the document flow of corporate accounting department according to the chart of accounts for bookkeeping of nonbanking financial institutions (NFI).


Organization of transition to the unified chart of accounts for NFI

The optimum solution is selected that ensures the smoothest transition to the new software.


Documents 2.0 e-document flow system

Functional capacities

The Documents 2.0 EFS allows optimizing the corporate business processes and automating the work with a large volume of documents. The main task is to automate document-oriented business processes (the financial and contractual document flow, working with applications and internal memos, citizen petitions handling, rendering the state services etc.). The system also allows organizing the legally relevant document flow in a company / organization

  • Managing the documents and information
  • Interaction within the company
  • Remote work
  • Search and archive storage of documents

Accounting module for players of securities market

The module can be used for consolidated accounting with other licenses of the nonbanking financial organizations market available. Accounting is performed according to the industry standard that has been applied by the Central Bank of Russia since 2017. The software is completely prepared for accounting.

The following accounting units are automated in the module:

  • Complete automation of accounting on the basis of the Unified chart of accounts (no setup of personal accounts is required)
  • Support of different taxation systems
  • Monthly finishing operations
  • Accounting of inventories
  • Warehouse accounting
  • Accounting of banking and cash operations
  • Accounting of settlements with contracting parties
  • Accounting of fixed assets and intangible assets
  • Automated accounting of securities as per the provisions of IAS 39, IFRS 9
  • Automated financial reports as per the provision of 532-П
  • Accounting of indirect costs
  • VAT accounting
  • Tax accounting in the profits tax
  • Support of accounting for the activity of organizations having standalone divisions
  • Forms of supervisory reports for submitting to the Bank of Russia in the XBRL format (39 forms)

Together with the solution, the basic accounting policy with document flow is supplied as well as a list of standard business transactions.

Organization of transition to the UCA for NFI

The range of products for NFI includes a large quantity of standard, custom and industry applied solutions featuring various functions that are designed for solving different problems, with different support and licensing conditions, etc. It may be quite a task to find one's bearings in the full range of solutions on one's own. Meanwhile, an insufficiently careful approach to selecting the software can result in an inefficient investment of funds and your time. Consulting by experts of our company will enable you to avoid the issues and optimize the automation budget. We are ready to organize professional advice on selecting the software in any way and at a time which are convenient for you.